oversleeping, not driving, and not much else…

Good Evening.

I’ve annoyed myself now, I missed a driving lesson, because I overslept… yeah, that’s not good. I overslept, by about 15 minutes… which I suppose is my own fault…  didn’t get to sleep till after 5 because I can’t tolerate heat, and I trusted a phone to wake me up at ten.

That went well…

So now I’m annoyed… and don’t get parents wittering on about how I’m irresponsible, and shouldn’t miss things because then they live…

Yeah, I think I know it’s a bad thing, I missed the lesson… I wonder…

I have a plan, which I shall not discuss for now.

I sent him (driving instructor) an apologetic text… and probably amused benski with another one…

So now I have nothing to do again… how to pass the time? Sleep? I think I’ve had enough of that.

Yeah, I’ll go have lunch or something…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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