too hot, and not much else.

Good evening.

Youtube be acting weirdly… videos are the wrong shape, and not using their whole boxes…

Also the people on it are weird… but that’s to be expected.

Bleh, it’s 25 degrees in here… I just said something similar to that to Tom… but yeah, how did that happen? I suppose I did keep the windows shut on a hot day, with Xbox, PC and somewhat large monitor running in it… according to Steam my monitor is approx.. 26” by approx.. 25”, and diagonal 30”… well, that’s not right. Atleast, that’s not what I paid for, I paid for about 28” diagonal.

You may have noticed I don’t have anything to say.

Simi gave us the key to immortality, well then, what’s the key to immorality?

So, today, I played reach, played Never winter Nights, more reach, and finished off with Mass Effect 2. Hence the nothing to write about.

So, err… yeah, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love willski.

(and my apologies for the lack of content.)


One Response to “too hot, and not much else.”

  1. Who doesn’t love Candy Floss? It’s Perfect!!
    Unless It’s windy, and you have long hair. Or you accidentally bite the PAper Cone thing they put it on – That’s Vomit-worthy…


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