Reach, remaining exams, and other things.

Good evening.

So, this is my last day without an exam at KE VII, I have Biology tomorrow, and ICT on Thursday. So that’s going to be fun… after that, nothing to do in the day, except play games, or sleep… perhaps watch all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer again…

I’m going to have to get a job, just for something to do. The whole financial aspect could be beneficial as well…

Gaah, so that’s some semi-serious thinking again, best put a stop to that.

Anyway, it’s 11:01 according to the clocks on King Eds network, so it’s 10:57 GMT. What have I don’t? I’ve been in Study area of the Sixth Form Centre since 09:10 ish, and have been reading Bioogy textbook, unit one, for exam tomorrow. And I missed the ‘l’ in ‘Biology’… only got to page 40…

Went on Reach last night, for a while. There’s  nice and easy Weekly challenge. Just complete 150 waves in matchmaking firefight. Well, I got 70 done yesterday, in not-that-much time, so I should be able to finish that off today.

Hmm, 30 assists in firefight matchmaking, that should be easy, ish… 400 kills, easy. 125 grunts in campaign, easy, and 12 games in multiplayer matchmaking, easy, if I can be bothered to play lots of Griffball or something…

Next: Commander (6491 of 60000)

So far to go… could finish that tonight, I suppose… that would leave me on jut over 100,000 credits, which would be preferable, Black visor, or Commando shoulders? (40,000 each for the latter, 100,000 for the former.)

Meh, only need one commando shoulder, so I think I’ll go for both… that’s still 140,000… hmm… I suppose I could grind score attack until I get a job… that’ll be fun… maybe convince Tom to join in.

Yeah, I keep going back to that job thing… I think I’m obsessed… with succeeding at life… something’s wrong… I preferred the old lazy me… required much less energy, or thought… serious or otherwise… grr… get childish again Willski!

I’ll watch Pingu tonight or something…

So, its 11:13 now, I suppose I should probably get back to work or something… is revision really work? I’m not sure, this is just reading a book, so I don’t think it is, might try answering some of the questions… don’t feel like typing those though… and alternative would be writing… I lack paper…

Meh, I’ll just think about them.

Anyway, enough bout me. How are you? What are you doing? Nothing interesting? Or just reading this?

Who are you? Are all the views on here from misinformed search engines, and what seem to be advertising bots? Will anyone actually answer these questions?

Hehe, been a while since I did that.

You now what, I’ve just written 2 paragraphs of something, but I think I’ll put them elsewhere for now.

So, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Reach, remaining exams, and other things.”

  1. Kristin Brænne Says:

    Stay excellent!


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