Drunken american, Simi on Sins, (Of a Solar Empire) kittens that live, and other things.

Good evening.

Drunken Toby is funny… and better at maths then sober Toby…


Won’t bother embedding that… I’d have to highlight it and press a button…

So, I got Simi to install and play Sins today, he seems to approve. And rightly so, it’s an awesome game.

Went through a lot of the reach maps, exploring them in forge. A lot of them are a lil’ bit crap… and they have far too many respawn/initial spawn points. Team sizes go up to 8, why do you have groups of 18 initial spawns?

The Kitten’s still alive, needs help being watered, and fed. Father’s doing that. (Emski doesn’t want to accidently drown it, don’t know about Simi, but neither do I, and I’m far too cautious to do it properly anyway.)

So, thank you for keeping the kitten alive.

No pictures on yesterday’s post yet, because my computer still won’t recognize my MicroSD adapter. The icon for removable disk D flickers, but it doesn’t actually read it. People on yahoo answers say because the adapters are ‘notoriously unreliable.’

So that’s fun, and all I really have to say.

Thanks for reading, hope you had a good weekend, have a good week, or at least 2 weeks for you Emski, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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