Cat vs. Dog.

Good evening.

You may remember me expressing some dislike of Wayne, which I believe to be somewhat justified. He has a tendency to attack cats, dogs, and people. Not physically attack the latter most of the time, but he barks at them, and acts aggressively, and for the most part, parents ignore it. They have this odd infatuation with Great Danes, and seem to think they’re the most marvellous things ever. Took the last one putting my sister through a door to get rid of it.

So now, once again, Wayne has attacked a cat, again. In the words of mother he just went ‘rra-ra-ra’ like he does to scare them. Really? Well, when he ‘just tries to scare them’ he normally puts his teeth in them. Last time I tried to scare someone, I went ‘Rawr’, (it’s not scary, I assure you) I didn’t bite them. (You may notice the tone getting slightly cheerier, good news! you’ll find out, soon.) when he’s actually trying to scare the cats, he growls, you’ll see that if any go within about 5 feet of him when he’s eating.

So, as I’ve said, once again, he’s attacked a cat. In this case it was a Kitten. We were eating, well, we’d finished, so it couldn’t even have been because there was food, the plates had gone away. Wayne was lying under the table, and the kitten walked under there, not even that close to him, he had to lunge to get it, so he bit the kitten, and got kicked and shouted at a lot, and just dropped it between his from paws, and looked confused.

I’m not sure why, but he seems to think attacking Cats is a good thing. The kitten was lying there, with quite large quantities of blood bubbling out its’ head. Don’t think gallons or anything, it’s still a kitten. But quite a bit for something its size. Initial analysis indicated a broken neck, and blood coming out its’ ear, it got moved onto the table.

By this point, all that was happening to Wayne was Em was kicking him (rightly so!) and mother said ‘bad dog’ about twice. The kitten was lying there twitching, so at that point I left. In spite of my rather joking attitude towards death, I quite like cats, so don’t feel like watching a kitten die.

A short while after that, mother came upstairs and told us, it appears to be recovering, it’s neck doesn’t seem broken, it’s just flexible, and it’s stopped bleeding. (my first thought to the last was, ‘well, it’s not got that much blood to lose, are you sure it isn’t just exsanguinated?’)

So, supposedly it was the kittens fault. How? If I get stabbed, that’s not my fault.

And apparently Wayne was protecting the cat food box under the table. Okay, it was empty, nowhere near the kitten, I doubt Wayne really knew it was there.

Which is good, Katers may live yet, (referring to the Kitten, not the Youtuber she’s named after). But did raise an interesting point. Yesterday Archie got taken to the Vets, because he has fleas. Today, a kitten nearly gets billed, so they wipe the blood off it, and all’s well? There’s something wrong there. I’m sensing speciesism. Although I fail to see what qualifies dogs for preferential treatment, aside from personal bias. In this instance we’re not even using the dogs for anything. I’d understand if we actually used the Setters as gundogs, or the Dane to hunt wild boar, but we don’t. if anything the cats are superior, they don’t require as many resources, they provide better companionship, they’re more aesthetically pleasing.

I’ll add them later, when i can get my computer to recognise my memory card.

See? Which is cuter. And remind me to add pictures if I forget.

But if a dog sits next to you, it’s kind of like a rug, if a cat sits on you, that’s more personal. Not that I’d want the dogs to sit on me, or people to for that matter, and it’s more to do with the size of the animals, then their personas, or mind-sets. Even smaller dogs aren’t quite the same as cats in that respect.

In my (biased) opinion, cats beat dogs any day, except maybe in open combat. What counts as a cat? Can they take Lions? Tigers? Penguins? Okay, the last one’s a bit not cat-ish.

So, talking to mother, it’s all fine, and Wayne’s done nothing wrong because the kitten hasn’t died, yet. Which made me think, in her eye’s would there be nothing wrong with stabbing someone, if they survived for at least 15 minutes?

How about, there’s something like 6.5 billion humans, so it’s fine to kill some, as long as the species isn’t completely wiped out?

Doesn’t out legal system cover Attempted murder? If I were too bite someone’s head, and nearly break there neck, just because they got to close to me, would that be perfectly fine, because there head wasn’t lolling about their clavicle?

And now, of course, Wayne’s just getting a gentle shunning, no doubt, in a week, parents will forgot it happened, and Wayne will be allowed to go under the table again, because he  must be forgiven. Maybe first time…

Now, I’m not saying we should have Wayne killed. (use that word, because it’s generally considered stronger then saying put down, or destroyed) I may be thinking it, but that’s the whole emotion thing seeming in. but any sane or sensible person would see the need to at least prevent Wayne from going under the table, or being around when we eat. But if anything like that were to happen, the extent would be take him outside before putting food on the table, and it’s getting warm, so we’ll be having doors open most of the time.

Also parents would go the other way, and say keep the cats out. Okay, cats are sneaky, they’d get in anyway, also that’s just wrong. It’s like someone getting stabbed, so they’re deported, and their assailant is kept, fed, clothed, and generally looked after in relative freedom by the state (not in a detention facility). In that context does it make sense?

No doubt, a lot of people who read this would think ‘well, your analogies, examples, whatever, are all irrelevant. They deal will people, humans, not animals.’ And if you’re thinking that, please just die; unless you’re a cat. If you are, don’t die, live for ever, be immortal, and frolic in idealistic fields, were there’s none of that overcrowding, starvation, and ecological devastation that should accompany an un-killable populace, who continue to reproduce arises.

I really want to make some racist joke here, not necessarily because I believe what I’d say, but just to emphasize a point in an offensive, inappropriate, and I think illegal, was going to be something about NAZIs and Jews if you were wondering.

Yeah, I had some way of making it relevant, I was going to go for the whole use emotive stuff, to invoke an emotional response, with intent for it to conform with my view, but that normally leads to people thinking I’m a neo-NAZI white supremacist. I’m not.

So to sum things up, last I heard, the kitten still alive, Wayne’s a violent bastard of a dog, (and not just because his parents weren’t married) and should be punished in some way, but no doubt won’t be. And I don’t kill Jews.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski


4 Responses to “Cat vs. Dog.”

  1. Emily Says:

    well said! im not letting him under the table while we’re eating again, and if possible im gonna shut him outside whenever im around for dinner time! not risking him hurting one of the others in the same way. x

  2. We all know parents are idiots, and you and I correctly predicted how they’d respond. They don’t seem to realise if it made the head bleed, it wounded the head therefore atleast some damage has been done – A lack of a broken neck does not mean survival.
    Fathers (approximate) words were “It’s lying down with it’s siblings, so we think it’s ok” Which makes sense… It’s not moving or doing anything, so it’s fine…
    Yay, I’m annoyed…


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