didn’t post yesterday, sorry, criticising my family, and other things…

Good evening.

I didn’t post a blog yesterday, because I normally start writing them at about this time, but this time yesterday I was half way through the single player campaign in Portal 2. Stole Simi’s copy, because I have no money.

Bleh, just stroked wayne, now my hands smell of dog…

That’s better, moderate to large quantities of cold water, seeing as we don’t need to get the boiler fixed, because mother can still have hot baths.

If father constantly resets the boiler while she’s running it.

Really I shouldn’t criticise, I put up with crap things, about 30% of the time my computer won’t boot up, or let me log on because some virus I’ve had has deleted part of windows. Although that’s also because I have no money, and the whole my computers supposed to be insured so it doesn’t matter thing…

Really if it’s insured you should atleast try to fix it, or contact the insurance people, rather then what you are doing, which is basically saying ‘it’s insured so we don’t need to fix it.’

Yeah, there’s a slight flaw in that…

Anyhow, less criticising people who can hurt me, what else can I say? I didn’t go to school yesterday, or today. Not merely out of laziness, but I’m on exam leave, so it’s completely optional, except for when I have exams… and because parents were elsewhere, so I’d have had to catch the bus both ways today, and back yesterday.

Alternatively, I could have walked.

I’ll be going again next week, until Thursday. My last exam then. And I shan’t have to go in after that. Okay, that doesn’t look like a word… apparently it is…

Contractions are fun.

So, in terms of what I’ve been doing in my time off, rather annoyingly, not a lot. Mostly LotR based, reading books, and playing games with stupidly long titles, yesterday, and today playing games from the Sim City franchise. Not to be confused with Sin City, because that’s shit.

Admittedly so are the games, but they’re awesome at the same time.

Same concept as Doom, in terms of gameplay, graphics and story, it leave a lot to be desired, but the game itself is just awesome.

And my computer doesn’t seem to think the CVG website needs its formatting. I suppose that’s more the software then the computer, although everything the software does is the hardware… well, now I‘m confusing myself…

Googlemail logs me out for security purposes, session expires about once a week, but it auto-fills my password… that’s secure.

Hehe, had a fun conversation with father.

Father: Get a Job.

Meski: I want a job

Father: well you better change that attitude.

After that he decided I used the word ‘don’t’, so I’m assuming that’s his ears fault, not his.

But yeah, I need a job… got to replace my Xbox, upgrade my computer… (by replacing it, why not just say ‘replace my computer’? or ‘upgrade my Xbox’? in both cases I’m replacing it with one that’s basically the same, but is better in some way, Xbox s60 s has the larger hard drive (the only aspect I really want), the PC has different hardware. Hopefully improved. And well over 80% of this paragraph is in brackets… I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to use them…)

There’s also other things, like the buying clothes which fit, and food… you know, skittles, cookies, nothing with nutritional value.

My priorities are, not so good.


Mother’s stealing the snacks I stole from her! The swine! 😛

That’s a joke by the way, so no need to witter on about how is she’s a swine I must be a piglet or something. And that’s not directed at you mother.

I think I’ll post this now, I was going to write something about games here, but after all that stuff about odd family members, I’m thinking I would want to have to search through that to find out what I was thinking… and assuming my memory doesn’t fail me, it gives me something to write about tomorrow! But don’t get your hopes up.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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