computers don’t work, and not much else.

Good evening.

I don’t have vista service pack 2, and am trying to install it. Yeah, that’s not working. Apparently parts of windows are missing. That’s probably a bad thing.

Hehe, and now I’m ‘advancing’ my plans to by windows 7. According to mother I don’t have to improve my computer in any way, or replace it, because it’s insured. Really? It’s insured? I didn’t know that, and I saw nothing about that since I got the computer, when they kept telling me to pay for the Tech Guys, which wasn’t £6.99 a month… so that’s confusing me.

I was looking for computers to buy, went on PC specialists, and had fun. Made some £7,500 ish computer. Admittedly a lot of that was 4 3d monitors… but yeah, the one I made seriously was still over £600. Computers are expensive!

I doubt that surprises anyone…

And of course, I had Chemistry exam today. Throughout that I had Winter Wonderland stuck in my head. That was fun.

But now, trying to update computer is requiring me to restart it, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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