well, there’s actually something in here today, not to say it’s interesting…

Good evening.

How are you today?

You know, I keep asking that and no one answers… kind of disappointing… sad face.

So, once again I’ve given myself not that much time to write this if I want to post this before midnight… should switch it off GMT, put it back onto whatever it was that gave me extra time…

Hmm, so, I actually don’t have much to write… went on The Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth II, The Rise of the Witch King, and got Glorfindel killed… along with a few ents… but no other losses…

Actually, probably lost a Lorien Archer or two when I wasn’t watching…

Hehe, awesomes… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5OZrDwbG_k&feature=youtu.be&a

More than slightly entertaining… you know, I don’t think I’ve used ‘then’ since I started writing these in Microsoft Word 2010… damn autocorrect.


They shouldn’t let him interview people..

More Vlogs… Katers’ now… yeah, I spend a lot of time on youtube.

So, more seriously perhaps, I has Chemistry exam tomorrow, that’s going to be fun… another one I should have revised for more…

It wants me to change ‘has’ to ‘have’… just because it’s grammatically correct…

Anyway, off topic again, did I have a topic? Don’t think so. Had a driving lesson… that was odd.

So, books were dispatched, did I tell you? I ordered Mass Effect books, which means I have two or three days to read the Two Towers, and Return of the king. Don’t think I’ll do that… mostly because I want to read them properly, and because I’ve got the whole exam thing at the moment.

Took me about 2 hours to get my computer to work properly, we’ve concluded there’s something wrong with the hard drive, my computer can launch with a different hard drive in it, and my old computer, when run with my hard drive, just dies. Yeah, it doesn’t work anymore. Mother’s not happy about that… meh, this one spontaneously fixed itself, so let’s assume that one will too.

I have a weather add on thing for Firefox, that appears every hour, but seems impossible to get any other time. And only stays for about 5 seconds… might learn how to use that.

And there’s a fly on my screen, on that note, I’m going to most this, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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