NOTHING! Again, this is getting quite boring…

Good evening.

I’ve got a biology exam tomorrow, at 01:30 pm. Which I think I should be better prepared for. When have I revised for it? Last Thursday, I read the ecology chapter, but since then? Don’t think I have… that’s bad…

Edward Scissorhands is a strange film…

But enough of what I should have done. What did I do? Not a lot. Played Neverwinter Nights 2, killed some orcs, some Loghram Eyegouger or something… not that I can spell that. And I was taken out driving by mother. Yet another person who disapproves of my tendency to drift towards hedges… that was fun, we had to blue tack the ‘L’ plate to the car.

But aside from that 100 odd words of not really much at all, I have nothing to say…

And I don’t have enough time left to find something interesting to write about… so thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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