Twits, DnD

Good evening.

I’ve been looking through my Twitter feed, and despite following 92 people, I only read tweets from about 20 people, being:

  • MattEatsMochi
  • LunzLuvs
  • MeTonyV
  • BarackObama
  • ShaneDawson
  • Smpfilms
  • Bethblog
  • Katersoneseven
  • Chluaid
  • SeanKlitzner
  • PhillyD
  • Googlenexus
  • ElderScrolls
  • SethGreen
  • Youtube
  • Ijustine
  • Simonpegg
  • LittleIanGroovy
  • TobyTurner
  • Stephenfry

Okay, that’s a looks like more then I expected… but I do ignore the majority of the tweets, makes me wonder why I follow them… hmm… but today, I woke up at 12, shot at goblins on The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II: The Rise of the Witch King, had Macaroni and cheese prepared by an Emski, and now I’m making a DnD character for use in a ‘King of the Hill’ game on some forum thing…

I say making, re-making, I’ve made it before, but I’ve since lost it.

And now I’m talking to Simi about DnD, so I suppose I better post this now so I don’t get distracted, and the 11th doesn’t stay grey.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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