Sleeping, and discussing the ending of portal 2, despite never having played it.

Good Evening.

I have odd songs stuck in my head, that I think of as being sung by, I think it was Ray Ellington… on the Goon Show.

♪you don’t know how happy I am that we met

I’m strangely attracted to you

There’s someone I’m trying so hard to forget

Don’t you want to forget someone too?♪

Okay, I’ve heard it twice today, (hence it being stuck in my head) and I still got that wrong…

I didn’t go to School today, don’t worry, I’m on exam leave, for a few reasons.

First off, I’ve got a cold, which I think is the reason for me being very tired recently, it seemed more favourable to sleep till noon, which I didn’t do, woke up at 10:40… that whole resting facilitates recovery thing seems to work.

And, of course, I think here was a lack of potential lessons for me to go to…so I stayed here, and read Unit 2, module 3, Ecology. Or are unit and module the other way round? Meh, not relevant, nitrogen cycles, however, are. And are much harder to remember.

Righty, watching Tobys’ portal 2 gameplay, he has a 43 ½ minutes left in the countdown, but 8 minutes left in the video… does he die a bit or something?

Hehe, ‘Reactor Explosion Timer Destroyed

Reactor Explosion Uncertainty Emergency Preemption Protocol initiated: This facility will self destruct in two minutes.’

Awesome way of dealing with unstable reactors.

Hehe, he sings a symphony of Hot to GLaDOS, and to the tune of the Turrets.

But Chell’s on the surface, after the Seven hour war, not necessarily the safest place to be… I suppose that’ll probably be after Freeman got rid of the Combine, and judging from the wheat mono-culture, I’ll assume there’s still agriculture, so some people…

I need to get that game… hehe, okay.

New mock the week was on an hour ago, what did you think? Still doesn’t seem right without Frankie in my opinion.

So, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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