Stopping, and other things.

Good evening.

So, I had a driving lesson today. That was fun

We were doing emergency stops, which entailed driving in circles, and periodically braking. Typed breaking first time…

But I’m now watching E3 again, on GTTV, would have watched G4s Skyrim coverage, except every link I can find to the ‘live stream’ much more strongly resembles their schedule… so I think I’m going to either have to learn to navigate their website, I’m assuming I’m missing some big ‘watch live stream’ button on the home page, or I’ll wait to see if they just upload it somewhere.

Missed IGNs Mass Effect 3 thanks to driving lesson. So that was mildly frustrating, but judging from the fact IGNs servers appear to be overloaded I’m assuming I wouldn’t have been able to watch it anyway.

It was fun, waiting for a reply from their server, and it timed out.

Hmm, season 10 episode one of smallville, on E4+1, I thibk, ‘thibk’? ‘Think’, I’ll watch that.

But yeah, this internet connection is terrible, upload speed averages 0.6, download 2.6, and we’re supposed to get 8. Non-sensicle. Yet parents still refuse to switch to a different internet provider. Idiot, no offence.


That’s not a word… So, yeah, you may have noticed I don’t have a lot to say, I’m still it that stage of doing nothing worth writing about… although to be honest, I’ve been like that for the last 9 months (?) that I’ve been doing this. I hope in that respect it’s like a human though, which does mean that right about now my blog should turn into a squealing demanding bastard, in about 14 years it should get really moody and uncooperative, and about 6-10 years after that may have a chance of becoming a useful part of society.

So that’s a very long term plan, especially considering I get nothing out of this. I suppose if I privatised it, (took off the wordpress, and just pay them for the server space, and admin tools, that’s what, $200 (USD) to do, I could add adverts, and potentially get money from all those people who get misdirected here by various search engines.

Yeah, I’ve run out of stuff to write, so thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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