Watching E3 (Don’t expect information from it here) driving, and that’s about it.

Good evening.

I’m watching live E3 coverage. Tis very entertaining. Unfortunately I missed quite a bit because I was dragged out to go and drive, that was interesting. Turns out magnetic ‘L’ plates come off the car at 40 mph; then again, they came off at 15 mph as well…

Tom’s being an idiot. He’s saying obvious things like ‘Halo 4 is being made by 343’.

But, really? You see, I thought after Microsoft took the Halo franchise off Bungie and gave it to 343 industries, Bungie would be making the next game. That’s a shock. And sarcasm.

I wish I got spike…

But yeah, I’ve missed the first Skyrim Demo at E3, thanks to being dragged out to go driving. And I think Driving lesson tomorrow co-incides with the ½ hour of Mass Effect 3 of IGNs, but Wednesday I should be able to see their Skyrim.

This is loud…

WOO! Mass Effect 3! Awesomes!

‘mounter a counter offensive?’ weird.

Legion’s still cute, I want to hug him… march 6th 2012? Fun.

Woo, found a 360p version of E3s Skyrim stuff.

so, I have an interesting choice ahead of me, Sleep, or E3? I’ll go for sleep because of the whole school thing. Most disappointing. Meh, a lot of the games there are a bit crap. The only ones I particularly care about are Skyrim, of course, Mass Effect 3, Prototype 2, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 4, and I think that’s it… I’ll watch others if I can catch them.

At the moment it’s SSX by EA sports on GTTV, I don’t really care about that.


so, I’m going to post this now. Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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