Pillar LASO, Cars, and nothing else really…

Good evening.

I completed Pillar LASO today, well, I say I completed it, I was there for the first 3 ½ hours with Simi and Tom, then Simi and I went to have chicken, and when we came back Tom had done it… so that was nice. And now I’m watching Kill Bill Volume 2.

We got through pillar a lot faster than last time, which was nice…

She got shot, how sweet.

So, I got partial non-legal ownership of a car today. I say non legal, it’s registered to my mother. So, thank you Wendy, much appreciated.

Hmm, good film.

But, yeah, that’s all that’s happened today… aside from that I’ve watched some youtube videos, said some stuff on sodahead, and err… that’s about it…

I lead a very boring life.

Had Bacon this morning though.

I really need to something worth writing about… or rather, ranting about.

But till that happens, I shall leave you with the following:


Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski



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