kidney sell-age

Good evening.

I’m eating wine gums, some of them taste a bit off… it’s most unpleasant.

So, talking to Americans on sodahead. Do you know who the ‘octomom’ is? That idiot who paid a doctor to put 8 embryos in her. They were saying that the doctor shouldn’t have even done the procedure, because she wasn’t in a financial situation to support one more child. I said, the doctor was providing a service she paid for, and that a supermarket wouldn’t be expected to check you had a fridge to store some meat you bought. They said it’s not accurate for some stupid, but applicable reason, but didn’t approve of my response.

As for my supermarket analogy, i also agree that it’s not perfectly fitting. You could for example, consume the meat as soon as you got home; i imagine if you did that with a child it would make national headlines.

Yeah, cannibalism for the win!

And there’s blood on my desk…

So, today, I’ve done almost nothing. My first attempt at an online practice theory driving test, I failed. Got 36/50, with a pass at 43. Which I think’s quite good, seeing as I’ve never even touched the highway code, and have done no preparation whatsoever for my theory test. Okay, minor exaggeration on how much I haven’t done, but I’ve not done much, more then I’d let on.

Want to know something really weird? (Then watch this (Link).) or something less weird then that. I actually miss going to King Ed, which is just weird. Easter I was fine, and that was nearly 3 weeks without going there, it’s been 6 days, and I’m going in again for a while yet. I think it’s the whole ‘Friday was your last day’. So now I’m confused, and slightly concerned I’m getting sentimental about something… I’ve managed to avoid most emotions for the last 5 years, so it’s all new again…

Ooh, idiot who thinks mass impregnation of one person is wrong has started ‘raving’ all my comments with her. That’s weird. ‘I’m going to criticise you because I disagree with you, and think your sense of humour is monstrous, (and because I’m americani’ll deny the presence of the second ‘u’ in ‘humor’) and then I’m going to leave what’s basically positive feedback?’

Is it possible someone on there’s actually rating things on the strength of the argument, rather than whether or not it conforms to their view? That’s nice.

And it’s 02/06/2011, so 11 days till my next exam! YAY! Biology I think… can’t find my exam timetable though…

It’ll show up.

Yeah, the phone was ringing. And parents aren’t here, they’ve gone to Comedy Club, (That’s fun, I’m opposed to it in theory, because it requires leaving the house, and going near people, but it’s good.) Ben’s fighting the bath, trying to get some hot water out the boiler, and Emski’s at work.

I think I’ll ignore it… just in case it’s something important… wouldn’t want to be involved with that…

Oh good, it’s stopped. Typed ‘stoppen’ first time, sounded like an idiot trying to sound German…

For those of you who didn’t follow the link on the ‘this’, try here:

204 seconds in.

Apparently Emski would do that too.

Anyway, thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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