Zombies, idiots, and hate-age.

Good evening.

Today, I played Zombies, with Simi, and Fishy. It’s a bit terrible. Bleh, don’t like it. A fact Fishy seems incapable of accepting.

Short guy is an idiot. He changed his Xbox profile to:

(Name:) spartanG-257

(moto:) i have you between in my crosshairs

(Bio:) dont meet me on reach you might not survive

Okay, your name is Alex h, I’ll leave that at the detail you had last time it was sort of accurate. Your lack of comprehension of the English language never ceases to amaze me, we’ve had ‘how do you my revenge’, but we have excessive/redundant words. And there’s an apostrophe in ‘don’t’. also, by your own dmission, you’re atrocious on reach, hell, I beat you when I had an assault rifle and you had a DMR, then when you came back with a Rocket launcher, and again when he tried to snipe me, with sniper rifle. I didn’t use Assault rifle then though…

And this has turned into me mocking a defenceless idiot.

mmm… food. Okay, I think I’ll miss the 23:59:59 deadline for this now…

What else? Getting a car soon, well, sort of… so I’ll be able to crash something I (technically may) own (at some point). That’ll be fun! Maybe not the best use of jocular pessimism. But now, I have 10 youtube videos to watch, or was it 6? One of the two…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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