Reach, non-existant puppies, and armour.

Good evening

You rotten swine you, you have deaded me!

Blue Bottle… The goon show.

So, as you may have guessed, I’m, or rather, I was, listening to the Goon Show.since writing that, I’ve played Reach, had dinner, played Reach, had a shower, and played some more reach.

What a fun life I lead.

But, due to the last playing reach, it’s 4 hours later, and I’m still wearing a bath robe… sure you wanted to know that… I lose track of time… it’s a fu game. Father says it looks to easy because no one’s shooting me. Well, that’s because I dodge, and hide, and wait for Ben and Tom to kill everything. That’s fun. Played a firefight limited game, and ended up winning on points because I hid, and sniped a few people with a DMR I stole of one of Benskis’ corpses.

Well, that’s a very traditional visit from Benski, he came in, said a few things about Purple (the Colour) and Halo Reach (The game), then left singing ‘God Gave us Life’ by Half Man Half Biscuit.

Woo! Reach profile updated, In my opinion my current armour looks awesome, sure there’s a lot of higher level stuff, and I own some of that, but It just doesn’t look as nice.

God gave us life

God gave us life

God gave us life

God gave us life

So that we could take sweets off strange men
In big cars and get driven to the woods to stroke
non – existent puppies

Fun song.

But yeah, didn’t do much else, attempted Pillar LASO, But everyone else gave up. Went in forge for a while. And I have a driving lesson tomorrow.

So, yeah, that’s it really…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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