One Man Star Wars Trilogy, Crisps, and other things.

Good evening.

So, I’ve returned from watching One Man Star Wars Trilogy. As you know, I’m prone to using hyperbole, and superlatives, but it was somewhat awesome.

Hehe, Family Guy Christmas song :P.

But yeah, as you may have seen on facebook I’m wanting to quote it, but I can’t remember many… but I do have one complaint.

As you may have noticed, I do that a lot. It was far too warm in there, and far too many people… now I feel like I need a shower. Bleh, most uncommon for me.

So, if you get a chance to see that, I’d highly recommend it.

He’s Canadian, which practically guarantees it’s going to be good. And he was infringing copyright law, so it’s fun!

But now I’m hungry, and it’s to late to shower… not that people will be trying to sleep, no one here tends to do that for at least 2-3 hours after getting home. We did have some interesting conversations.

For example, in Derby, why is there a bus stop every 3 yards? It seems completely unnecessary. I’d willingly walk half a mile to a bus stop. And pointing out every single one pisses of Emski. She slapped me, a lot.

Eating as a family, i.e. all of household present eating together, why do so few people do that? It’s just weird. I mean, why don’t people do that? Perhaps it’s just because I find my family so amusing.

Back in a minute, getting edibles., to eat…

I’m not Drunk, I just have a speech impediment, and a stomach virus, and an inner ear infection.

Yeah, family guy is good.

The food wasn’t. McCoys crisp things. Bleh. Salt and Malt Vinegar.

So, yeah in conclusion, Salt and vinegar crisps are bad, Canadians re-telling star wars is good, copyright infringement is fun, and I’m thirsty.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Wilski.



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