I’m back! Not that i left… Still doing nothing.

Good evening.

Those of you who read this, and are lucky enough to be able to count, may have realised I haven’t posted one of these for a few days. Not since Thursday. This is for the simple reason, nothing happened. Sure, I had last official day at King Ed, but I’m going in a lot after half term, so it doesn’t feel like it. But aside from that, spending several hours Friday night/Saturday morning playing The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II: The Rise of the Witch King, but what can I really write about that? Don’t play the campaign, so I can’t criticise its’ inaccuracy, all I can think of is that I won. Every game, with negligible difficulty. Easier the Supreme Commander against a pair of adaptive AIs. Ooh, now I want to do that… what map? Frostmil Ruins? I’ll probably get nuked to Oblivion. i suppose if i fight Aeon, i could get shot with Oblivion Cannons… what has those? T2 Point Defense, some boats… their Battleship…

At present, my mother is watching Star Wars for the first time. She’s nearly 50, and she’s not sure if she’s seen it before.

Okay, she says she may have seen the first on in cinema.

So, I’m off somewhere tonight to see some thing… that’s vague… supposed to be leaving at 18:30… I didn’t wake up till 13:30, but I was awake till after 05:00. Don’t know why, I just couldn’t sleep.

So the only real thing I have to talk about today hasn’t happened yet, that’s fun. Might go race one of the dogs, fight a fish or go for a walk… something interesting.

Normally it would be fight a dog, but I don’t like have the same thing twice… not that fighting and racing are the same, just not two thins with dogs…

Umm, yeah, that’ll do. I think these are posting on Facebook again, so hope you people are having fun.

Thanks for reading, those of you in the British educational system, have an interesting half term, who reads this and is? Tom… Simi… yeah, that’s about it that I know for sure… perhaps Gingie…


Love Willski.



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