Cherry Bakewells, it’s ending soon, and other things…

Good evening.

If you are one of my facebook friends, or live in my house, you may know about this… but I hate Cherries. Yet eat quite a lot of cherry bake wells, when they’re available. Is that weird?

On a more serious note, I have a chemistry exam tomorrow. On the AS stuff, probably because it’s an AS retake… so that’s fun. I haven’t revised it properly since I took the exam first time round, which is a bit bad… meh, it’s not like I paid twenty odd quid to re sit it. Wait… yes I did… I’m an idiot…

Hehe, yeah, I’m watching Jesus Christ Superstar. That’s a cheery film. And there’s other peoples clothes in my wardrobe. Weird…

So, my last official day at King Edward VII Science and Sports College tomorrow, see why I usually abbreviate it to KE VII? Which for the most part will be the last time I see most of my friendlings, except in exams. And perhaps when I go back in during exam leave, which I’ll be doing quite a lot… I’ve covered that already though. This could be interesting, because I don’t know how I’ll respond to that. I’m not exactly the sort who thrives on social interaction, so how do you think I’ll cope without it? Post a comment. Or ignore this request…

Luke’s here, and mother isn’t complaining, it’s a miracle!


A miracle has to defy natural law, or something… I suppose it’s possible she’s become a mute or something…

So, I’ve started another paragraph with ‘so’, and I’ve topped up my phone. Yay! 400 free texts. How many will I use? No doubt none.  Wll, I suppose I could start harassing Craig again, that was always fun.

Simon can’t count… that’s most certainly not a crowd of 5fifty thousand.

So, I’ve got chemistry exam tomorrow, then no exams until 13th of June. That being the A2 June exam. I like to think I’ll spend some of that time revising, wouldn’t that be nice? Hehe. But now it’s 21:16, and I want to finish the fellowship of the Ring by dawn, so I’ll be going now. Thanks for reading, my feline, and otherwise friends. Good luck those of you doing Chemsitry, or any other exam tomorrow. I’ve had a rant on wishing people good luck before haven’t I….


Love Willski.



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