Reach, bad spelling, biology fun-ness…

Good evening.

First off, I want to apologise for my odd rant last night, and point out that this morning, after mother read the post, I got some washing with socks in!

But today, I went on Reach got some challenges, did a tiny bit of boosting, via Flawless Cowboy, because I was bored, and decided I deserve more credits for completing Vinter contingency with a bunch of Skulls on.

Vinter? Winter Contingency.

I left my biology homework at home, which was fun… when Miss Williams asked where it was, and I said on my desk, she said something like ‘but I suppose you’ve done it all’. Not in those words. Got annoyed when I replied ‘nope, barely started it.’ Which was fun.

Err, yeah, Chemistry we were teaching each other again. That never goes well, b ut this time I had more than one equation to go on, it was Fuel Cells, and storage of Hydrogen for me.


Katers: You’re lactose intolerant Cory

Cory: Yeah, well I’m eating Cheese

Hehe, he’s a pillock. Entertaining though. (if you follow this link, it’s quite far through, 10 minutes maybe… can’t see the video anymore… and the cats are fighting…)

But yeah, I’ve run out of stuff to say.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love willski.



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