Sock Thieves, Driving and Reach.

Good evening.

So, first thing. Just because I forget to do something, doesn’t mean you have to spend 5 minutes explaining it to me.

Happy Tuesday! Not for me… lots of having to talk to people in chemistry. I’m not good at that, I kind of sit there in silence, then get criticised for not co-operating. Kinda fun, but not in a good way.

Dave have started showing some right crap. Okay, that’s it for the commoner speak. But they’re showing Gavin and Stacey, I stopped watching BBC3 because they were showing that. Then ‘Men Behaving Badly’, from what I’ve seen is absolute rubbish. Compete for the Meat is a bit shoddy, Al Murray is quite good, but he doesn’t make a good host for shows. Much better suited for stand up and being a panellist. But that’s just my opinion.

I miss the days when all Dave showed was Top Gear, Mock the Week, QI, Have I Got News for you, and a few others…

Hehe, vague.

So, I completed Exodus on Solo Legendary, (Halo Reach). That took a very long time… done about half of New Alexandria as well, but I’ve just got to the hospital, so that’s going to take a while.

GAAH! Spoke to some people on Sodahead, and the replied! It’s annoying, now I feel compelled to at least read what they wrote…

Meh, only one was really criticising me, another was racist… and one almost compliment…

Better than I expected…

What else happened today? Driving lesson, went to Loughborough again, didn’t hit anything so I guess that’s good…

Okay, looking at my current selection of clothes, bit weird for me to do, but then I’m a bit weird, so I suppose that’s fine. Noticed a few odd things… for example, the t-shirt I’m wearing was on a hanger for 10-11 year olds. Are they 6-7 years off, or am I? (Microsof office wants me to change that to ‘the t-shirt I’m wearing were on a hanger…’ Also, my clothes disappear oddly… I’ve had one of my balack t-shirst going into the wash and taking 3 weeks to get back about 2 months, ago, it’s disappeared again, only been gone a week so far. My socks often disappear, I’ve had a total of about 10 pairs of black sports socks (what makes them sports socks? They’re just cheap moderately thick socks. Label them as such) bought for me in the last year, I have 3 pairs now. Archie hasn’t eaten them all. There may be a pair or two hiding, but I doubt all 7 missing ones are just behind the box I keep clothes piled on. Putting then in the wardrobe is too much effort.

Then ofcourse you have the £10 walking socks that Wendy got me two pairs of. A pair disappeared for approaching 3 months, and came back in somewhat worse condition then they left in. my best guess, mother didn’t realise they weren’t hers.

I’ve just realised, this post has turned into me accusing my mother of stealing my socks.

Then other things, 6 pairs of, err… due to an odd sense of decency, ‘other underwear’. Now I’m down to 2 of the new ones, where have the others gone? Not a clue.

Trousers are fine though, they all come back promptly, I guess my waistline’s too small for mother. Hehe, she does just steal clothes she likes, you can’t take her to New Look.

For clarification, all I know of ‘New Look’ is they sell clothes.

Soo, I’ll stop my odd rantings now, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Sock Thieves, Driving and Reach.”

  1. Are you implying that i have been wearing your underwear???


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