Rain, Hawks, Puppies, orange, and other things…

Good evening.

So, I had fun today, standing outside in the rain. I like the rain. It’s fun.

May have annoyed father a bit…

That’s odd, my internet connection’s at about 2.7 mb, (mb? MB? Mb? mB? What’s megabits, I can never remember…) it’s normally about 2.3. yeah, that’ a bit shoddy, we’re paying for 8 I think… that’s not happening.

What’s a bit odd, is that it doesn’t change much when other people are (or aren’t) using the internet.

Hehe, Hawks eating Puppies! Well, trying to… I’d post a link to a video, but that would require opening the tab, or copying the link again…

Got some Reach Challenges.

Got a text from orange asking me why I haven’t used my online account for a while. Because I haven’t topped up my phone, yeah, they don’t read this… hehe, but yeah, I have no money, (Well, £5.02, I’m one of those people who spends all their money as soon as they get it, it’s really not good,) ooh, intense pain in inner left foot, feels like muscles being contracted too much… hehe, like I have muscles.

Where was I? aah yes, I’ll have to do that on Thursday, should have EMA by then.

I love that, BBC iPlayer can download the Rebel Flesh at a constant 2.7 mb/s, but youtube struggles to maintain 1.5 most of the time.

Anyway, I suppose I should follow through with my plan. Nothing dramatic important or vaguely interesting, just post a blog, then go to bed. Yay! Laziness. It always triumphs…

The Führer is coming, the Führer is coming; The Führer is coming!

Yeah, Springtime for Hitler. The Producers. Need to watch that film again, ‘tis very good.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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