The World didn’t end yesterday!

Good evening, again.

Forgot to say this. But as you may have noticed, today is April 22nd. And the world didn’t end. Or rather, the Rapture didn’t occur, which can be interpreted in a few ways, one, there’s no such this as god and heaven, the good aren’t all going to ascend one day, (even if it did exist, I thought we were supposed to live out our full lives to earn a place there) two, a deity isn’t going to just ruin his/her/its creation on a whim, or 3 we’re all sinners.

Think about it, On the rapture all the good ascend to heaven, no one ascended, so how do we know that it didn’t happen, perhaps it did, but god just has really high standards. Personally I’m hoping there’s some uber-religious family out there whose child got kidnapped or fell down a well or something, basically disappeared, and they assume it’s ascended, because that would be hilarious… to someone morbidly inclined…

Hehe, thanks for reading, hope you had a good weekend, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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