Halo Reach, and other things.

Good evening.

So, I’ve been continuing my attempts at Monument to all your sins. I’vee done Nightfall, Tip of the Spear, and most of Long Night of Solace. Currently on what I believe to be the last wave attacking the Pelican, which consists mostly of Elite Ultras, with their concussion rifles, and Plasma launchers. A few have plasma rifles, but it’s getting a little bit tedious. Start at checkpoint, run off and hid, either get killed before I get to hiding place, or get found.

I mostly let Jorge do the killing, (that’s pronounced as George, hot ‘hor-hey’; Idiots) because he’s invulnerable, and has a large machine gun. But the Sanheili (the elites) are faster, stronger and tougher then my SPARTAN III, they have more health, deal more damage, take less damage, (if I were to have a weapon that dealt 50 damage, for one of them it might dealt 100, and they appear to take less damage, so of my 50 they might only take 20.) then of course, they all have armor lock, because they’re American (Bungie/343 industries) they don’t realise there’s a ‘u’ in it, evade, and weapons that have splash damage. So yeah, basically I’ve made the game really difficult, and am now complaining I can’t do it.

So, back to that, once that’s done, I’ll have a shower… or perhaps before that’s done… it might take a while… ben says he’s been trying it since October… (Not constantly.)

Hehe, I’m waiting till I get annoyed from annoyed to that odd state of finding everything hilarious.

Jorge just said ‘I’m under fire, to my right’ (two separate things) when there was about 7 of them around him. What’s so special about the ones on your right?

YAY! Final Cutscene, for this level. So that was a fun 2 hours.

What’s next? Exodus… Brutes and grunts mostly if I remember correctly, and quite a few jackals, that’ll be fun. I think I’ll leave that a while, not tonight anyway.

3 missions on Solo Legendary today, in less than 7 hours, (hehe, 7) that’s very good for me.

I don’t think I’m going to succeed in my plan to read The Two Towers by Monday, (tomorrow) mostly due to the fact I’ve only touched the fellowship of the ring to move it around, which itself is mostly due to Halo Reach. Damn that game, too awesome for its own good.

Right, just had a quick go at the start of Exodus on Solo Legendary. I’m going to have to start paying more attention to aiming.

And dodging.

I died a lot.

Although, to be fair, I am very crap. (seeing as it doesn’t pay attention to the timestamp for me, 3 minutes, 30 seconds.)

Hehe, funny… and not Toby this time… but still a strange American…

Although Toby is being funny as I’m writing this, it’s in Crysis 2 gameplay…

I’ve been reading about Reach Commendations… some are really tricky to get. Flawless Cowboy being one of those. Not just because I’m crap at the game, but because a lucky plasma grenade from a grunt can kill the most experienced player, then you have to start again.

(Unless you feel like cheating… I don’t.)

There was something I was going to write, but I’ve forgotten what it was… probably wasn’t interesting… ‘twas something I thought of.

Soo, err… yeah, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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