Mass Effect Races, Council, and 2 others… so far…

Good evening.

A few things I want to write, but I’m not going to, because they seem a bit whiney, childish, insensitive or something…

So, I had pizza again, dominoes this time though. That was fun, and parents disappeared somewhere. And played mass effect.

Races, of course you have the humans, which are semi-accurately portrayed. There are groups who oppose the usual command structure, the Alliance, the xenophobes, and the humans egocentricity. But I disapprove of the council giving the humans so much, and the ability to get an all human council. Still never tried ME2 with that…

Then you have the Asari, who in my opinion are a bit weird. Their reproductive method doesn’t make sense, randomising their DNA for their offspring, illogical! For one thing, if they randomised the base sequence, the chances of getting a correct/viable/usable protein sequence is negligible. Then they sometimes say it only randomises parts, but for any of that to work, it requires each Asari to store every variable gene, but then what stops all the available genes from activating? (They can’t just be stored in one place, because I’m sure there are cloned Asari somewhere that are capable of reproducing… even if the last part isn’t portrayed.) But otherwise the Asari are a bit boring, they live about 1000 years, and were aquatic. Nothing wrong with that.

Turians, my personal second favourite race. Metallic scales is an interesting feature, aesthetically they are very interesting. They’re supposed to be based on a dinosaur-bird thing, but I’ve always thought their facial structure was more feline. And they’re very cute. I disapprove of them (and Asari for that matter) coincidently being nearly identical in physical ability to humans, (in terms of strength, speed, intellect and size.) although I do much prefer the Turian mentality to that of humans. All obedient, and honour bound.

Then, the last council race, the Salarians. I certainly approve of them have an inferior race. That is to say, physically inferior. I’m tired of things like Predator, start trek, and I really wish I could think of another example, where the aliens are generally physically equal or superior humans. I’ll admit star trek has some weaklings.

But the Salarians are so much better written, they have the increased technological ability, and intelligence, which while an unimaginative trait for such a race, is nice. And then as a general rule, the Salarians you meet are really quite nice.

On to non-council races, and in the first case, also a non-citadel race. The Geth, they are my favourite race from Mass Effect, due in most part to being unbelievably cute. Then their technological advancements are good, although I don’t like their ship design. They idea of a race of synthetic people is again, unoriginal, but this is the best beginnings of one I know of. And kind of makes me dislike Quarians. I prefer the Geth to the Geth Heretics, and would quite like to see more of them in Mass Effect 3, especially after I reprogram them all. Done that every time so far. The Geth mentality, and being the only true diplomacy I can think of, is an interesting concept. The multiple simple (well, not quite) programs interacting to create AI is, in my opinion, the most viable method for attaining AI.

Now I move onto the Quarians. No longer a citadel race, and somewhat mysterious, what do they look like behind those masks? Personally, I’d rather never find out. I do like them though, for building the Geth, less so for attempting to exterminate them upon discovering they’re intelligent. I wonder if they did that with their children? As for Quarian physiology, what can I say? Not a lot. Barely know anything about it, just that they’re allergic to most everything.

Their current civilisation structure is one I’ve always found interesting. An entire species living aboard ships, expensive to maintain, with stations it would be quite easily feasible; well, comparatively easily. You can link them to a planet or star, and there’s your energy, but to have them completely mobile? I suppose with the technology from mass effect it’s relatively easy. But the amount of thought Bioware put into it is nice.

I may have to stop soon if I want to post this before midnight, or sleep… so I will.

I’ll try to get rounf to finishing it some time, and maybe stop posting so much about Mass Effect.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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