Mass Effect Classes, cheese and mousse.

Good evening.

So, I think yesterday I said I’d go on Mass Effect over the weekend. I did. Yay! Along with other things… so not the most productive day. But I’m trying to do a more complete then any of my previous playthroughs,  as such have completed 6 assignments I’d never started before today, along with a few I have, and a few missions. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed. But then, I’ve never really patrolled the Citadel looking for speak-to-able people before. When I say 6, I think I mean 3… spacer background, money stealing suicidal AI, and another one… finally got round to finding every Keeper… so that was fun.

I was thinking about classes, partially inspired by a conversation with Benski. Engineers and Adepts are definitely more fun on the first one, even if the latter are annoyingly fragile.

mmm… Stilton.

Universal cool down ruins the fun with those; you can’t throw someone just after you’ve lifted, in ME2 you’ve got a 6 second cool down or something. Of course, Infiltrators are much more fun thanks to the Tactical Cloak, and I’m not sure about any of the rest… soldiers appear to be more fun thanks to Ammo abilities, but I’ve never played them on either game for more than a few minutes.

The mixed archetype classes, infiltrators, Sentinels and vanguards are odd. Vey uncommon among semi-intelligent people on the first game, mostly due to achievement hunters. I wouldn’t recommend Mass Effect for that, tis a very long game. But they lead to interesting gameplay. I can play an engineer fine, my first 3 play throughs were with one, but throw in sniper rifles, and take out half the tech abilities, it doesn’t feel right. Even if they do get a bunch of combat abilities.

Ooh! Dramatic moon! Clouds passing in front of it ominously would be perfect if it was full…

I want chocolate mousse…

Vanguards, it’s the same thing, except its Biotics and Shotguns. Sentinels however, are just fragile, and crap at killing things. Don’t like them.

But I’m going to go to sleep now.

Quite early, I know. It’s not even Sunday yet.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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