Mass Effect, and other things… such as bad typing.

Good evening.

So, as with all Fridays, not much interesting happened.

I had 2 lessons at KE VII today, both of them going through recent mock exams (got a B with 56% in Biology, which is just ridiculously low requirement, and a U with 16% in chemistry, but then only 3 people actually got a grade in that, so I think that says something about the teaching as well… (A U doesn’t count as a grade for these purposes.)) Then I had a bunch of frees… those were a bit boring… just annoying Tyler in the first, and much weirdness in the third. The second mostly consisted of eating cookies.

I spent about 10 minutes of my last free, the third one, lying down on the floor. And the 5 minutes before that skipping round the study centre, I do not recommend that for someone of my athletic ability. The skipping that is, the lying down is easy.

Why am I clarifying everything like that? It seems patronising, my apologies for that.

So, I’ve been talking to some Americans of sodahead, which never goes well, I just end up sounding racist, but if they’re intelligent they don’t usually do something entertainingly stupid. This one, can’t remember his name, was trying to convince me that Pakistan was a lawless country with no government or something. Well, I must say congratulations! You idiocy has got you anonymously featured on a blog no one seems to read. But I don’t understand how someone can believe that. It’s confusing, and annoying…

Anyway, that appears to have turned into me complaining again, while is a very British thing to do, but not the best way to spend your time.

Neither is what I’ve been doing for the last 6-7 hours, Playing Mass Effect. Great game, back to the first one, with my first character, level 59 now. So close to 60, but I never fight anything… don’t get too much XP from wandering around talking to people… and I disapprove of not being able to become awesome, i.e. maxing out all skills. It’s possible in Oblivion. Not that’s it’s easy to master all attributes there…

Gaah, want to play oblivion, on Xbox thanks to DLC, but I don’t have the DLC installed anymore. Had to delete it to free up space for Mass Effect stuff. So I need a bigger (storage space, not necessarily physical size) hard drive. Hence the wanting a new Xbox, that’s justified isn’t it?

Okay, there was a boring paragraph about money here, I decided to delete it.

I can’t think of a way to neatly link this into the next segment now… it was a little bit on the weekend… and having no work… and ‘plans’… to play games…. But nope, can’t word it nicely, so that’s gone out the window. Not literally, the windows closed.

So, on that note, I shall leave you, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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