Mass Effect 2, Hair Cuts, and other things…

Good evening.

I’ve had a busy day today… ICT lesson was basically writing definitions, Chemistry we had a practical in which I didn’t even get to jump in some acid, free I read The Fellowship of the Ring, biology’s, we just did revision… then I ate roast beef, had a haircut, and was abandoned when the rest of them went to see some crazy Welshman, whose name I’m not entirely sure of the spelling of, so will not use until I’ve checked it.

So, yeah… my head appears about 20% smaller, my ears appear a lot larger, and my head feels noticeably lighter.

Why does Amazon sell QI series 1, B and C, but not A? Odd…

Well, relatives are on their way back, so I’m being demanding about food… and it’s a lot later then I thought. I’ll blame Mass Effect 2 for that… started a new character. Still importing the same one though… anyway, just got to the first encounter with Scions on Horizon, which I find incredibly annoying. Mostly because approaching a third of my deaths are in that part.

I know, anyone reading this will tell me they completed that mission using one power once, and 3 bullets, but I hate it. Use ice shot thing, take out the husks, Garrus and Mordin have been knocked out by the scions, who now alternate shooting, so I’m either being hit, or staggered, I focus on the scions, they target me straight away, and the husks still come after me so I have to freeze them too. I died twice there today, so I’m going to try again tomorrow, when I’m slightly less used to the controls, due to an 18 hour gap, and can only remember a vague sense of annoyance about it, so don’t find it fun anymore.

Not saying it’s my best plan, but it works…

I’ll post this now, because Avast is updating, and if I know anti-viruses, it’s going to force a shut down or restart.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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