Oversensitiveness, and disappointsment… among other things…

Good evening.

I’ve been having fun… An amazon merchant lied to me, they said Section 8, which i ordered at about 00:04 this morning wouldn’t ship till the 16th, but just sent me an email saying it’s been dispatched. Lying swine… not that that’s a bad thing.

As you may know, I’ve been reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Just finished the chaper ‘In the house of Tom Bombadil’ and decided to find out what exactly he is. But the filters here are stupidly sensitive, so he’s been blocked because he has ‘bomb’ in his name.


But, on a less interesting note, I’ve got biology next, then double chemistry… then a free! yay! and a driving lesson…

I’m going to have t not hit people again, aren’t I… and not drift left… but if we’re going to the same lace as last time to practice roundabouts, that’ll be entertaining, mostly because it’s where my first driving lessons where…

so, things to do here, thanks for reading, have a god day, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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