not much here, sorry.

Good evening.

I momentarily considered writing the actual time of day there, but it’s be the same… so I stuck with the usual. By ‘actual time’ I mean morning, afternoon, evening, night, not numerical value…

And, wow, I got ‘raves’ (it’s like ‘like’ on facebook) from Americans for saying killing Osama was wrong.

Err, gonna post this, I’ll probably add more in a few minutes if I can think of something to say, just running out of time.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

So, I’ve missed this feeling. I have a weekend, and I don’t have to do ICT coursework! YAY! Although I do have to do some other ICT work… need to tart that, again… left the first one on KE VIIs network…

That’s less good… I went on reach earlier though… played a few big team slayers, infection, Team SWAT… before Tom abandoned us… (Me and Simi…) and did worse than usual. Did worse than last time when I hadn’t slept for 2 days… that’s weird… so, I’ve added all I can think to say.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski. Err, again…



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