sleeplessness. and stuff.

Good evening.

I need to catch up on sleep, since moday I’ve probably only slept for 6 hours… not at all last night, 2 ½ hours in this chair the night before…and Tuesday morning I slept for a very few hours…

Then it was too hot in my room to sleep… which is really odd, because it felt fine in the day, and we haven’t used the heating for weeks. I suppose it doesn’t help that my beds 6 feet in the air… yeah, I have a tiny room… but it’s quite high ceilinged…

Err what did I do? I nearly fell asleep in second lesson, but I had a free, so that was fine. I then nearly fell asleep in fourth lesson, which was ICT, so less fine…

But err, aside from that, and about an hour and a half of reach with Tom and Simi, not a very distinctive day.

Don’t reccommend trying to get Alexandria [LASO]… even with blind disabled, it’s damn near impossible, 2 simultaneous plasma grenade sticks just to take the sheilds off a Sangheili.

If you want me I’ll be in bed reading till I fall asleep, shouldn’t take long… although I was a lot sleepier at school… weird…

On that note, mostly because there are no notes to follow it, I shall leave you, thanks for reading, have a good night, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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