getting depressed-er…

Good evening.

So, I’m having fun. I’ve made progress into the actual story of The Fellowship of the Ring, now it’s a lot more interesting, and much more tempting to read it. Not good with the amount of work my teachers insist on setting me. on that note, I better check in Dr. Lewis set anything before Easter, because I don’t remember doing any…

Hehe, boring topics… not only do I have to do the work, but I also write about not liking doing it…

On a slightly depressing note, I have 3 weeks, and the rest of this week before half term, and I think I’m on exam leave after that, so that’s another 17 days I have to attend KE VII, then another 5 times to go in for exams after that. Wait, 4 rimes for exams, one of them’s on my last day? That’s depressing… very depressing… great way to end my full time there… I suppose I could still go in during exam leave…

But I really haven’t done anything interesting recently… so, I think I’ll just post this, and go do something interesting, to cheer me up again…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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