Good evening.

I’ve got that odd feeling again, one of the ones I don’t know what is, I feel tired, bored, unwilling to do anything… it’s annoying. What is it? Depression? Stress? They’re both thing I usually avoid, by being perpetually happy.

Hehe, I think some people might disagree with that…

So, I;m doing ICT work, restarting Test plan, so I have to redo the testing I did…

Still got a lot to do… design, user guide, maintenance guide, just realised the whole assign categories to game types, game types to lists, and search for units appropriate to that list just doesn’t work… I’m sure it did before… so I’ve got a very busy two days… not good…

But at least I’m too bored to think of anything to distract me…

Anyone know how to make a noose? If you want me I’ll be on google.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love willski.

(Is ending on a suicide joke a bad idea? probably… So’s including it for that matter…)



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