First of may! yay! not really… err, recollections, muscials, and bad typing in the title. can you see it?

Evenin’ again.

Well, yeah, sort of, second post today… ‘cause I missed yesterday by over an hour…

Anyway, today was boring, trying to work on ICT project, left that very late didn’t I? Tis most annoying. And now, because I’m annoyed, I’ve just eaten a quiche, and am watching Jesus Christ Superstar. Two things I do a lot…let’s see, per 100g, for ¼ of the quiche, well, times that by 4 then. 39.2g protein, 61.2g carbohydrates, (6.4g of which is sugars,) 71.2g of fat, 535.8 of which saturates, well, that’s less than cheese… 10.8g of fibre, 1.84g sodium, and 4.6g of salt equivalent. So, how helthy is that? And why did I miss the ‘a’ in ‘healthy’?

Aww, Jeff thinks I’m ignoring him, how sweet. I’m not, not intentionally, this time. Hehe, I just forgot to reply. Stopping distance at 40mph, in dry-ness was it? is what? 120 ft, 36 meters. Rounding… Lots of punctuation there…

Hmm, made at least 1 mistake in every word there, should clear desk a bit… Pilate’s singing in bed… that’s weird… and Rosie’s trying to jump onto my desk… why’s she shut out of Ems room, I think I’ll open the window for her…

She’s a cat, in case you didn’t figure that out.

Anyway, back to punctuation… I use a lot of it, too much some might say, and they’d be right. Possible because I generally ignore it… that was always fun. When I did English, there was always some book reading involved, so they’d do it ‘fairly’ and just go round the class and usually have you reading a paragraph each. That never went well, because you had the mentally inferior who’d read a word. Every. Ten. Seconds. And. Stop. To. Question. Every. Piece. Of. Punctuation. Andthenyouhadthepeoplelikemewhowouldjustreaditallasquicklyaspossiblereallyquietlyslurringallthewordstogetherintoonebriefindecipherablenoisethatlastedwhatmostpeopletobelievetobetoolittletimetocoversomanywords. My apologies if that’s hard to read. And then you had lots of people who dead normally, or try to act… that was always weird. After a while the just started skipping me, because no one knew what I said, and I found it unbearable to read a page every 5 minutes, so I just read at my normal speed…

Yeah, they generally hate me in schools.  Especially when I do well… had about 5 minutes of a biology lesson last year occupies by Hannah shouting at me for getting an A on the January AS paper, apparently I don’t deserve it, because I don’t do any work or revision. Hehe, biology is mostly recall at that level, my memories quite good, it works. Yeah, I think she got really depressed after that, and just disappeared from school… well, stopped going to biology lessons, and I don’t’ think she stayed on for A2s, and I like to think it’s ruined her life, and I’m at least partially responsible for it, because I’m a horrible person, and she was annoying…

Err, that’s a little insight into my mind you probably weren’t expecting. One of my best memories is from KE VII though, as you probably know, I’m a bit weird, I dress entirely in black, cut nails to points, wear black leather gloves and sunglasses most of the time, so people assign weird names to me. Common ones are ‘x-men’, ‘cyclops’ ‘wolverine’ (but never ‘Victor’, ‘sabretooth’ or ‘lady deathstrike’, which would all be closer’). Then of course you have ‘werewolf’, ‘wolfy’, ‘wolfboy’, ‘wolfman’, and similar things. So combine that with the weird people at the place you get really weird things, like some year 10 shouting ‘come on, dance wolfy’ and proceeding to start dancing in the corridor. A few months before that, about this time last year I think, so quite a few months, about 10… I had someone stopping me and saying ‘I hate you, you’ve ruined my life!’ to my face, which is all well and good, highly entertaining, so I laughed at them, but slightly confusing, because I have no idea who it was…

Then, of course, you get the more extreme ones, who just try to be as offensive as possible, and shout things like ‘why don’t you just die’. That’s a surprisingly common one…

Hmm, Judas is betraying Jesus? That’s a plot twist I wasn’t expecting!

Hehe, I watch this too much.

Hehe, Simon’s drinking Jesus blood! Does that mean he can walk on water? I had Jesus blood, Jesus juice, Juses extract etc. potions in Oblivion, and they were all water walking… Juses? That’s wrong… hehe.

Jesus, of course, in case you didn’t figure that out.

Why’s the one in green fondling the tablecloth?


Kogaan Do Fin Dovahkiin.

I’ve been watching Skyrim trailers, hence that lil’ bit of Dragon tongue. Here, have some more.



Hehe, don’t know why… might as well through the trailers at you too.

Who actually reads this? I’m quite sure parents do, and Tom usually does… but I’m still not sure what to write, tell me what you like. The commentary of films I can see, but you can’t? reminiscing about school? Mocking/insulting family? Obsession with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? (I’ve been trying to supress that on here.)

Obsession with youtubers? Tell me, what do you want me to write? I shall try to comply when possible. Woah, page 3, in Microsoft word.

If this was a certain newspaper there’d be a mostly-naked woman here.

Jesus wants to be shown he wouldn’t be killed in vain, wonder why…

Anyone want to translate the dragon tongue for me? It’s quite easy, just go to and copy and paste it, it’s quite easy. There’s no prize or anything, but I might congratulate you in a patronising manner or something. Hehe, that’s encouraging.

There’s a sprinkler in the garden… woo! Garden was the 1000th word. Don’t expect it to be when I post this. Okay, and I’ve just remembered why I’m writing so much, because I’m supposed to be doing ICT work…

Judas is betraying Jesus with a kiss.

Peter wants to know what the buzz is.

Love this musical, I may by more. Not copies of this, but maybe versions of this, more musicals, can’t think of many though… Mary Poppins, The Hills are alive, not to be confused with The Hills have eyes, The Producers… Sweeney Todd… The Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, any good versions available on DVD?

Looking at Wikipedia now, maybe some of Gilbert and Sullivans works… but I wouldn’t know which versions to buy for a lot of them…

Woo! Pilates second appearance, awesome song!Pilate and Christ.

Moulin Rouge… never saw that all the way through… Happy feet 2? That’ll be crap, not that I’ve seen anything to do with it, except its name on a list, enchanted was a musical? Really? I don’t remember singing, just lots of boredom and sleeping… wait, that might explain it. The Lion King! Of course, how could I forget that? And of course, the Lion King 2, Simbas’ Pride. Not sure about the others though… Perhaps one of the Christmas Carols, the Goons Shows was the best. How the Grinch stole Christmas? Meh, bit crap…

He’s been splattered with innocent blood.

Err, yeah, I’m going to stop writing my own lists now, and get on with testing, that’s tedious! To the point of me not even being willing to have a sarcastic ‘that’s fun’.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Hehe, weird burned youtubers :P.



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