err, yeah, i don’t remember what i wrote, so the categories will be off too..

Good evening.

Today was a bit mixed. ICT work was tedious, and quite boring. Is that a tautology? Perhaps, not quite… fun word tautology, don’t get to use it much. Doctor Who, however, was interesting and entertaining. Highly nom-able. Well, not at all nom-able, it’s just data, some video, and audio, how do you eat that? I suppose you can eat DVDs, and other data storage devices.

Woah it’s dark in here… can’t see the keyboard… that’s odd, I can’t read the keys, or make out their shapes at all, but I still type better when I’m looking at the keyboard… you’d think I could touch-type better, or consciously, considering how much I do it without thinking about it… anyway, I’ve said that before, don’t like repeating myself, even if I do do it a lot.

Ooh, thinking too much, several things I want to write about…but I think I’ve mentioned them all before, so I won’t. just recognition annoyance, not working annoyance, obsession annoyance… err, and that’s about it. So, err, a few, 3 apparently, sure there was more…

I’m watching doctor who, series 6, episode 2, again, for the third time. Lots of 3s floating around here…

Ha! Those aliens think they’re The Silence, they should meet The Gentlemen. They are much better at it. And they terrify Emski! So even better!

But it’s too late for me to work, on anything, except this, I don’t need to concentrate here, just think and type-ey, type-ey, type-ey. Simples. Squeak.

Ooh, E4+1 in 5 minutes, under orders of Simi. 30 days of night, is it any good?

Prior to writing the previous sentence, I took a break from writing this to record some Halo Reach gameplay, remind me to upload that to my fileshare next time I’m on live. Need more Ethernet cables, and more monitors… and a better TV… and better phone, Xbox 360, err… I’ll stop there.

I say need, I mean want.

Hehe, disappeared for 2 hours there, err, missed the 00:00 posting, so nothing for 30/04/2011. So now it’s May, so spotify is an unusable piece of shit. Well, software, but the modifications for none-premium users make it useless, so advertising people, it’s useless for that now. Yay? No! Now I’m going to stop listening to music, because I refuse to get it illegally, but Phil crashed a car, so I’m happy. Not that Phil crashed, because that’s bad, but it’s very funny too.

err, so, I have 3 days to do ICT work, and I won’t be able to print it, at home, thanks to annoying bank holidays around time of ordering. Damn royals, why do they have to have lives?

Hehe, on that note, I shall leave you, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


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