yesterdays, and today, very few words…

Good evening.

So, it’s only 14:19, and I’ve only been awake for 2 ½ hours, but I’ve had a surprisingly busy day. To start off with, I opened mothers post. Then Emski got summoned by a cabal of sorcerers. Err, I mean her majesty’s’ court or something. Basically the same thing, only completely different…

Once again I’m watching Jesus Christ Superstar… don’t criticise me, it’s good! (Still the 2000 version, great performances, not 1970 something… 8?)

Ooh, bourbons!

And I had Pie! Steak pie, with about 3 grams of meat, and lots of gravy with the consistency of mucous. Courtesy of Emski.

All righty, I wrote everything before here on 27/04/2011, and presumably everything after on 28/04/2011. hehe, I didn’t think it was enough to post yesterday, so I went for one word instead. My logic is fallible. Is that a word? I’m not sure; I’m writing this in notepad. Well, I’m quite sure it is, hence using it…

I made a chocolate milkshake, by shaking chocolate milk. That didn’t really work… but I’m watching Red vs Blue. Yay? Not really, it means I’m not working… and that’s bad… on the plus side, Avast just updated… apparently… also hurt my ears…

Hehe, as I have no money, I asked mother to buy me Ink cartridges and paper, did she do that? If not then there’s a moderate chance they won’t arrive by Tuesday, and that’s bad. Hehe, on that note, I’m going to go curl up in bed and cry.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(The crying thing was a joke, by the way.)


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