Driving, and other things…

Good eveenin. That’s not right… I’ll try again.

Good evening.

Much better. 🙂

So, I just had a driving lesson, nom-able. No, not quite, couldn’t eat it, I doubt driving instructor would approve if I started biting the car. So, actual driving lesson, just in case you care, I drove around for a while, didn’t hit anything, did some junctions, didn’t hit anything, but did stall first time, possibly because I was half asleep…

Watching youtube videos, err… they’re strange, lazy people… (‘Katers’, and Cory…)

Then ben did some driving, and ran in to a bunch of pedestrians, several of them died, there was blood everywhere… very messy…

No, that didn’t happen…

On a slightly more negative note, I’ve been thinking again, which is never good. I’ve noticed that Wednesday to Tuesday is 7 days, which means I still have a week of not having to go to school ness, not counting the rest of today, and Wednesday morning. So that’s plenty of time to finish off ICT course work, so I don’t have to do it today. See? Bad logic! Shouldn’t think like that! Grr!

Stop it!

I’m sad now… well, annoyed at myself…

So, I’m going to finish this video, then go on Never Winter Nights 2, and experiment with druids… aah yes, I’m playing an hour and a half into the game (assuming I don’t die, and I will, because it’s a Drow, so there’s +2 level adjustment) to see the response of one NPC.

Hehe, cute rabbit.

(That’s a link if you didn’t notice, feel free to ignore it.)

So, I’m off to waste my time, hehe, started singing What’s the buzz/strange thing, mystifying, there… Specifically the second part… anyway, waste my time, on Neverwinter Nights 2… not ‘waste [my] time, on women of her kind.’ That’s Judas, talking to Jesus. Hehe, as usual Jesus Christ Superstar is in my disk drive.

Don’t ‘shush’ GLaDOS! Swine!

Anyway, Ta-ta, for now. Thanks for reading. Those are in the wrong order aren’t they… keep getting things wrong… I’ll try again… thanks for reading, ta-ta. Much better 🙂

Love Willski.

(Oh, and I’ve added a Jesus Christ Superstar category, yay? Might not add those to Pre-existing posts though… that would take a while…)

And, my apologies for not posting yesterday, I lost track ot time, and then it was 01:30,  and I was fighting thugs using Spears and Eldritch Blasts.



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