Cuddley Khajiit,

Good evening my feline friends. And the humans for that matter… although, I don’t think many cats read this… or can read… and the ones that can read, probably have something better to do.

There are some right idiots on Bethesdas Skyrim Forum, one person trying to convince people that Skyrim should be more like Call of Duty, and another who, when the second to reply to a question, feels the need to quote the entire question. What else would you be talking about? Idiot.

I want to kill them.

And then you have all the idiots why try to incite Morrowind vs Oblivion ‘flame wars’.

On the plus side, the picture of Khajiit is now on Bethesdas Skyrim website! Yay!

Hehe, mock the week, as the flames reached the kittens.

Can’t find that on youtube…

I’ve wasted another day, of not working. It’s annoying… spelt a lot of the day on Gal Civ 2, a lovely turn based 4x game. 4x games are usually better then RTSs, (and similar non-real time strategy games). Annoyingly the proportion of 4x games that aren’t turn based is pathetically small. It’s basically Sins of a Solar Empire, and some others I don’t own.

Mother just tried to break my leg, she seems to think I have a ‘ball and socket joint’ in my knee. Ow… hehe. But thinks the Khajiit is noble.

Personally, I’ll stick with Cute.

Yeah, that picture will disappear next time they redesign the website…

Don’t think I shrunk that enough to fit…

Okay, I’m watching Graham Norton show, he’s very Orange, and Bill Bailey is very pink… weird…

Err, I’ve resorted to commenting on TV, so I’ll end this now…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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