Watching things, and stuff…

Good Evening.

Toby’s being weird, well, it’s 04:14 there, so I suppose he’s probably asleep… a while ago when he uploaded that video…

Hehe, Ace Ventura… my apologies if I spelt that wrong… hmm, a $700 slave… shame that’s been illegal here for approx. 1 year.

I finally finished IT at about 02:30 this morning… I’ve had 30 pages left since Friday… but that’s done now! Good book! Lots of exclamation marks! Yay!

So now I’m going to read the fellowship of the ring. Yay! I’m saying ‘Yay!’ a lot… hmm… so, I’ve only been awake for about an hour, and it’s 13:36… and I need a watch… can’t find the same type as my last one though… shame, I like those…

Gaah, all the radio controlled ones are damned expensive… and mostly Casio…

okay, it’s about 5 hours later now… and I’m going to go on Portal, because i keep thinking about Portal 2, and it’s the closest game i own. unfortunately, to do that i have to launch it through steam, which manages to slow down the process of launching a game from a usual 20-12 seconds, to about 5 minutes, while saying ‘Preparing to launch Portal..’

can’t you just launch it? it’s the same with everything else there, if i launch Neverwinter Nights 2 from desktop, approx. 30 second delay. if i launch it through steam, it has to prepare for 5 minutes. what’s it doing? useless software… Well, mine doesn’t work right, but i have kinda killed my computer…

well, the ‘preparing to launch’ has gone, and steam’s now using about 7 times the RAM it was before I told portal to run, so I guess it’s doing something…

err, yeah, watched final cut scene of Portal, then several episodes of Tru Calling, so that’s fun.

Just put my arm in the puddle on my desk, new puddle, same cause.

Yeah, I’m watching Toby’s’ second Portal 2 gameplay thing, it’s kind of painful to watch… hehe… at least he’s better than Justine… hmm… Portal just doesn’t sound right when it isn’t GLaDOS accompanying you through the Enrichment Center… hehe…

Err, yeah, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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