game completion, cheese, and amnesia.

Good evening.

I had a driving lesson today, that was fun. Allegedly stop signs are hexagons… hmm, weird… I’m sure hexagons had 6 sides… 😛


I spent a lot of today on Sup Com, again… for some reason I can’t play Forged Alliance over LAN with Simi, it’s weird, I get a de sync notice every 50 beats, and stuffs not quite right… I sent 40 Revenants to bomb a UEF ACU, when they were halfway there I checked bens screen. There were 2, that had already got there… weird…

Grr… weird… so went back to Supreme Commander… the non-expanded one. Lots of strategic missile subs…

So, err… yeah, stopped doing that because Simi has something better to do.

I keep getting emails of random people following me on twitter… who are you?

I think I’m becoming human… not the TV series… it’s mildly disconcerting… I’ll have to put a stop to that… (not the tv series…)

gaah, i lost my coaster to a Wasp Queen, now the condensation on the glass has run off the glass, and all over my desk…there’s a small puddle between me and the keyboard… great… that makes typing tiring… should probably clean it up… and learn to spell without Microsoft word 😛 (I can do that last one, just can’t type so well today…) I usually can’t type well… I guess I’m not having off days a lot, I’m just occasionally really good… although I do type these quite late, better when I’m awake-er, and haven’t got a puddle, glass, book, and pair of TV remotes between me and the keyboard…

need to clean my desk…

Wasp still makes me think of W.A.S.P. from Red Faction II. Wide Area Saturation Projectile, great fun! Awesome game, I have it for PC… through impulse!

Just went on yay? Anyway, my game completion by achievement number, not Gamerscore, for the games I’ve actually played properly, ish, even if only for 5 minutes of Red Faction Guerilla-ing.



Assassins Creed II


Mass Effect 2


Halo Reach


Halo 3: ODST


Fable III


Halo 3




Fable III


Halo Wars


Too Human


Mass Effect


Assassins Creed


Assassins Creed Brotherhood


Dragon Age Origins


Dawn of War II (PC)






Star Trek Legacy


Call of Duty WaW


The Orange Box


Alien vs Predator


Marathon Durandal


Universe at War (PC)


Bioshock 2


Left 4 Dead 2


Red Faction Guerilla (PC)




Red Faction Guerilla (Xbox 360)


Yay? Well, it’s certainly an odd range… only 13 out of 29 are over 50% that’s bad… please feel free to point out in a publically humiliating way if my counting is wrong, you just try and catch me in public. 😛

And odd, I can type ‘%’ without looking at the keyboard, but I couldn’t tell you it’s on ‘5’ without checking, and if I’m looking at the keyboard I have to search for it… hmm…

I’m gonna get some cheese, again… that’s kind of becoming a recurring thing… write some crap no one reads, eat some cheese, and mention ‘Toby Turner’ so I get 60 hits from google a day. Not why I do that… I just happen to kind of stalk (mid-sentence cheese acquisition) him, and some idiots think ‘hmm, where can I find out how tall Toby turner is? What about this random site’. idiots… on the plus side, I can now answer that question… but I won’t, just to annoy you people. see here if you must know

Hmm, famous people died, poor them… that’s going to be considered insensitive isn’t it… verdammt.

Want more cheese, but I’d have to open a new pack, and I’m too lazy to check the dates, or decide which type of cheddar to eat… do we have any open stilton? No, enough cheese… well, that’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one…

Hmm… I’ve run out of stuff to say, or rather, the cheese made me forget it… verdammt.

I’m probably spelling that incorrectly…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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