unoriginal post of yesterday-ness! yay? and other things…

Good Evening.

As promised, further down this post now, as well as on lists of doom, no original content today! Yay! Well, it is original, just not new original… so, stolen stuff, stolen from me… I’m rambling because I’m taking too long to write this…

Top potentially 10 video games (and platform for said game)

My personal top games may be as follows, depending on my mood at the time. Might vary, is what I’m trying to say, but don’t expect me to update this every 30 seconds. And perhaps an explanation, for those when i have time…

  1. Supreme Commander (PC). The graphics are a bit shoddy, by modern standards, and the path finding leaves a lot to be desired, but the scale, and capacity to actually apply tactics or strategy is very much appreciated by myself. But probably the best part is the AI. i know, it’s a game AI, but they’re certainly better than most, it doesn’t cheat, unless you tell it to, increasing difficult doesn’t make its units more powerful, it just gets more intelligent. The campaigns are fun too.
  2. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (PC). Same reasons as the above, additional that I like are some of the new units, and the seraphim, but i can’t ignore the simplified AI, it just spams units at you, which is boring, even if, with a good defence, it is just infinite points.
  3. Sins of a Solar Empire (PC). Another RTS. I’m not going to separate Entrenchment and Diplomacy, as since i got them I’ve never felt the need to play without them, they’re just micro expansions anyway, we’ll have to see with rebellion. The AI isn’t as good as Sup Coms, but the scale is great, and surprisingly varied. again, the AI doesn’t cheat, although on the lower difficulties, it doesn’t exactly do much… the factions are nicely distinct. they are more different from one another then Sup Coms, but they still all have the same basic ship choices, even if their strengths and weaknesses are different.
  4. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360). what’s there to say? it’s just awesome, the open ended-ness, the customization, sure it could be better, horse combat, less float-ey movement, but let’s hope that’s in Skyrim. I’m not so keen on it for PC, mostly because i can’t resist using the console…
  5. Mass Effect (Xbox 360). never played it on PC, so i can’t say what it’s like. But the customization, interaction, choices, and combat system are all, some synonym of awesome. well, customization, maybe not, it’s quite good, but you always end up looking like a monkey, or more alien then the Elcor, and the armours aren’t that different.
  6. Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360). mostly for the same reasons as its predecessor, and while it’s a bit easier to make people look like people, that doesn’t make up for the comparatively poor gameplay, i preferred the combat on the first one, i mean, universal cool down? Stupid! Switching from unlimited ammo, and cool downs, to thermal clips? Why don’t they give you unlimited ammo, just use the thermal clips to reduce/negate cool down? it annoys me… and again, I’ve only played it on Xbox 360.
  7. Halo Reach (Xbox 360). the character customization, and ability to use your own SPARTAN in the campaign is great, even if it is a SPARTAN III… then the gameplay, partially due to improved graphics, and mostly the new game engine and general gameplay-ness, is far improved over Halo 3s. here, the improved gameplay improved the gameplay. I’m an idiot.
  8. Portal (Xbox 360). i couldn’t decide whether to list this as The Orange box, or Portal, but I hate Team Fortress 2, so that helped. Portal is an awes… Epic game, the puzzles, the humour, this game alone makes me GLaD i bought The Orange Box. (yeah, i just wanted to say ‘GLaD’) but if the ending on its own could nearly earn it a place here, the fact the gameplay’s good is just a much appreciated bonus.
  9. this is getting difficult, there’s so many games i want to include, but i think Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (Xbox 360). sure, the locations don’t vary much, and Ezios getting old and fat, but the gameplay’s better than ever, the guards are getting closer to a realistic level of durability, and it has collectables that don’t require scouring the internet to get. in game maps! yay!
  10. Galactic Civilizations 2 (PC).  I’ll admit, I’ve only played ultimate edition recently, but i spent about 48 hours straight on it after i installed it, so it must be good… or addictive… heroin’s addictive, maybe it’s bad… I’m confused now… so the number 10 slot goes to Heroin. wait, what? ]

So, that’s a list, I’ll post this as a blog tomorrow, so, you know, i don’t have to write anything new, ’cause I’m lazy. but choosing those was surprisingly difficult, even if i did do it in half an hour, i think faster than you’d think… and i chose them mostly off the top of my head, rather than thinking too much, ’cause then I’d have confused myself, and taken hours… so yeah, impulsiveness is good, so’s Impulse, by Stardock, get it!

In case you were wondering, if it wasn’t video games it would be more like: one Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Revised Edition, two, Warhammer fantasy battles, 3 Warhammer 40K, four, chess, five monopoly, 6, supcom…

New-new, not stolen again… yay? Youtubers are weird… I say that a lot, makes much more sense to me… if someone does read this, I doubt they’re watching the same videos as I am… at the same time.

So, err, yeah, and other space filling terms… I spent the day on Sup Com again, well, as much of it as I was awake for… so, err… I’ve run out of stuff to say again… err… thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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