Sins, and other things, such as rocky horror picture show about to watch-age… so nothing interesting.

Good evening.

So, I just spent 10 hours on Sins, and now I’m watching various youtube videos, (simultaneously, because firefox stopped responding when I opened 5 youtube pages, but still plays them… annoying…)

I’m so predictable… and not productive… gaah!

So, just a little advance warning, my blogs over the next two weeks will probably just be me complaining that I haven’t done any ICT work. My apologies for that… I’ll try not to…

I’m gonna got get some cheese and hopefully come back with something to say…

Hmm, 10 minutes till The Rocky Horror Picture Show… I may watch that, again… tis very weird…

It’s starting… strange intro…

♪Science Fiction – Double Feature
♪Dr. X will build a creature
♪See androids fighting Brad and Janet
♪Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
♪Oh-oh at the late night, double feature, picture show.♪

You know, I don’t have anything to say… so, err… thanks for reading I guess, ta-ta…

Love Willski.



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