fish, cats and other things

Good evening.

As you may recall me mentioning before, wordpress can no long publish these to facebok, which is mildly annoying, and I definetly can’t correct that here, because they’ve blocked facebook… yay? anyway, more interesting things, maybe…

What are the scariest things know to man? (According to Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror)

don’t know why i phrased that as a question seeing as i’m going to tell you right now… but still… why not? (Yes, the list was jocular. or atleast, i’m assuming it was…)

  • public showers
  • babies in snail costumes
  • old people
  • interspecies relations
  • black licorice
  • man feet
  • and otters.

Now, it may just be that i’m exceptionally brave (I’m not, i’m a coward,) but i’m not overly frightened of Otters, or licorice, (tastes foul though) babies i just want to kill, and general indifference towards the rest…

There’s a feline to my right, on Minecraft Wiki. imbecile. minecraft is atrocious, sure, Phillp DeFranco has it, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. I mean, James plays it, it must be terrible.

James says “It’s awsome :D” as does Liam, “It’s freaking awsome man :D)”

great, my keyboard was highjacked by a fish… and the felines become an american.

hehe, Glasgow LibDems are following me on Twiter now… that’s the second region specific group to do that… the Lib Dems (non-region-specific) and Nick Clegg all started following me before i followed them, twas weird… the Lib Dems are stalking me…

the fish is leaving! HUZZA!

last day prior to 19 days off now, yay? not so much… i’ll just get distracted by computer, and do nothing productive, except build Mantis’s… correct plural-ification? no idea… i’m going to try to hug he fish, seeing as he’s still floating around down here… maybe e has a problem with his swim bladder…Didn’t work…

i’m being chased out by forementioned fish, so i’ll post this now, and come back to corect spelling, grammar etc. later…

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend, (and if applicable, easter holiday, bank holidays etc.) Ta-ta.

Lov Willski.



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