VAMPIRES! Cute things, and people, (Geth are people too!) and failing miserably at life…

Good evening.

The NHS wants my blood apparently… wrong order… evidently they don’t have good taste…

So, donkeys are fun, aren’t they.

I got a letter in the post, logical, that said ‘WE WANT YOUR BLOOD’ on, although they varied font size, and placement a lot more… strange people… if they’re going to send those out, they could at least check people first, I’m not exactly healthy, probably have quite lot Red Blood Cell count… I doubt I need much haemoglobin, you should know how active I am :P.

Right, 2 hours 21 minutes since I wrote anything… what have I done? Created a new user profile on my computer, not for me this time, watched some youtube videos… modified categories, err… think that’s it… oh, and Powder Toy. And I indirectly ordered pointless pieces of paper…

Hmm, I was just looking at site stats, which made me think, is there anyone who reads this, who isn’t trying to find out if Toby Turner is a homosexual? All right, I’ll concede that a few of you are looking for Trees, salad plates or Legion.

He’s so cute! (Legion that is. (well, maybe Toby too, but I got criticised last time I said that…))


And there’s a few people searching for muttertag, my apologies if I spelt that incorrectly.

On a happy-ish note, last day of term, then weekend, 2 weeks of for Easter (I’m not religious, why do I get that?), then a bank holiday, and then another bank holiday because we’re off anyway for the royal wedding. Why do we need an additional day off for that? I don’t understand…

And after that it’s 3 days, and 3 weeks till a week off for half term, then I have exam leave… in which I’ll no doubt get distracted by Mass Effect, or Supreme Commander or something, and end up failing everything… yay?

No, not yay…

I’m off to check youtube now, so, thanks for reading… have a good Friday, try not to get eaten alive by a polar bear, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(I know, I’m very demanding, how can you not get killed by a polar bear on a Friday.)



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