Trolls, kill them, dolphins, genocide, veigtarians, and Jesus.

Guten abend.

I wrote some notes on my arm throughout the day to remind me of interesting things to write on here, but I just had a shower, and they’re gone…

The only one I can remember was ‘kill kill kill kill kill the trolls’, which is a line from Beautiful ladies, by Bill Bailey. I do recall biology being entertaining, and once again, preventing me from eating at lunch.

Bill Bailey, awesome

Part Troll, Awesome

Google Videos, awesome.

Watch it there, higher resolution. (click here, if you’re too lazy to be sensible.)

So now I’m watching that as I type… I watched Jesus Christ Superstar again, got it back off Emski, so expect me to do that a lot again…

I needz moneyz…

Hehe, yeah, I’ll just through random lines to pass the time… I don’t need to pass the time, you don’t have to wait until I’ve typed a line to read this, well, you do, I have to post it, but, I know what I mean… doesn’t matter how long between typing lines… right, that’s a boring paragraph…

Hehe, tedious inevitability.

‘Quickly, swim with a dolphin, find one, find one quickly!’

Vegetarianism leads to genocide! Which reminds me of Weebl-Stuff…

My watch has died, completely… usually I get a display… going to have to buy a new one… damn…

And I’m applying nail hardener… It’s just nail varnish really…

Well, seeing as after half an hour I’ve regained access to Microsoft word, I think ill post this before it disappears again…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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