driving lesson, Ben’s a girl!

Guten abend.

Had a driving lesson today, with an instructor who’s yet to cancel, or mysteriously vanish, admittedly he’s only had one chance to do so. But so far I approve of him, he has a nice patronising quality to him that I approve of in people who are meant to be teaching me something. Very entertaining. he kept saying ‘good girl’ to benski, that was fun!

Just had a very interesting conversation with my father, about P.E. at our relevant schools, which was more than slightly entertaining. If not a topic mother found believable from me…

I’m still suffering from the sleep deprivation, I seem to be coping better now though, fewer memory lapses. Although an odd urge to eat cheese… too far to get some though…

Really? I started writing this when I got home, and I’ve only got this much, and still haven’t posted it… but at least I remember writing it this time… hopefully this memory improvement is more permanent… bad grammar…

Well, err, that’s it I think thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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