mental degredation, can’t spell, and perhaps something else…

Guten abend.

My mental state appears to be in decline, I’m lacking memory, or whatever it is you call thinking-ness…

Biology today was weird, Wilson had us walking around outside in the rain. And by rain, I mean light drizzle.

I mean that about the mental decline, there was something I needed to do, and I think it was important, but I forgot it before I could switch to an appropriate tab/window/other… what fun!

Gaah, that’s really annoying, what was it? It had something to do with numbers… (Numeric values, not the TV series) and now I’m getting a headache, just thrilling…

I suppose these are all signs of sleep deprivation, I remember that much, but not a lot of other thing… not this morning… meh, I’ll start recovering on Friday. Till then I’ll just wait to see if I can hallucinate. That’ll be great.

All right, I give up on that… think I’ll go to bed, maybe… it’s very early… 21:32… hmm…

Err, thanks for reading I guess, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Hmm, don’t remember writing that… 22:27 now…


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  1. Kristin Brænne Says:


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