non-nutrition, donkeys, and other things…

Guten abend.

I’ve been living healthily again… slept from 02:30 tillv13:53. (well, I woke up at 09:43, and 11: something), ate 2 packs of hula hoops, the food, not the plastic sand filled things, and a pint of chocolate milk. Then, several slices of chicken (roasted, not raw) 4 roast potatoes, and a chocolate gateau. Damn it, got the ‘u’ and ‘a’ wrong way round first try… that’s annoying… and apparently it shouldn’t have the ‘x’, meh, who am I to argue with Microsoft.

So, yeah, in terms of nutrition, not my best day.


Don’t know why…

So, at present, I’m writing this, obviously, watching chuck, when’s bens copy of season 3 supposed to arrive? Monday-Wednesday? I paid for that… well, £8.00 of it. Will he pay me back for that? Hopefully… perhaps not, he’s a bit sneaky…

Chuck’s good, full of clichés, great… although it’s one of the few shows I’m willing to tolerate so many of them, mostly due to its approach… family guy overdoes them, and I’ve forgotten the other examples I thought of… I really use far too many ellipsis’s…

I’ve moved back to non-topics…

And I’m having to wear white, because my black t-shirts are still in the wash. (yeah, that’s my choice, black or white.)

Anyway, ta-ta. Thanks for reading, ta-ta, again, but in the right place this time.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “non-nutrition, donkeys, and other things…”

  1. I was planning on paying you back! And I will do so. Assuming nobody tries to sell me a shiny between wednesday night, and thursday afternoon…


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