hugging strange people

Guten Abend.

I think I may have confused Sarah, by skipping around Social…

Something else a bit unusual happened this morning… I was pacing in design, and Connor decided to see how I’d react to an obstacle, (that moved as I did to stay in my way,) so I hugged him. He didn’t seem to mind, which was boring.

I just got punched by Gary; admittedly I was trying to write on his arm… and keep mocking/patronising him… yeah, I kind of deserve that… I think I’m going to stab him…

He’s defending himself… and stole my pen! Grr… I’ll get another…verdammt! He got that one too! ‘Elp! I’m being stabbed!

Yeah, I kept doing that… went through 6 pens, a propelling pencil, ruler, keys, eraser, 2 memory sticks, comb, breath freshner, lip balm, £2.50, 2 phones and a wallet, now my pockets are empty…

Right, I stopped there at about 15:00, it’s now 17:43, and I’m watching chuck… 19:55 now…

20:58… I gotta stop getting distracted…

Doors hate me…

Just stood up next to one, and got stabbed in the gut. And I just bounced a cookie crumb off the wrapper, into my eye… yesterday I leaned on a door, and got stabbed in the spine, span round accidently punched the door handle, and kneed it… wrong spelling me-thinks. So that was fun.

Hmm, father’s an idiot, no offense. He asks me to put things in the wash the instant they’re dirty, and when I responded ‘aye’ he said ‘I’ll take that as a no, not washing your clothes anymore.’ See, idiotic.

Err, 22:55…

It appears I have nothing to say, so, err, Ta-ta.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta, again.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “hugging strange people”

  1. In regards to fathers comments, he said the same thing to me when i answered “Yes”


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